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Self-Stik MK
(Milk Ketosis Test)

Key Features

Self-Stik MK(Milk Ketosis Test)?

Milk-ketosis Test is a simple milk-dip test strip that changes color in the presence of abnormally high concentrations of circulating ketone bodies, which indicates the presence of subclinical ketosis.
Beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB) is a ketone measured in blood or milk of dairy cattle after calving for detection of ketosis. Subclinical ketosis typically occurs in early lactation when cows are in negative energy balance.  Measurement of beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB) in blood is a common test for detection of subclinical ketosis and negative energy balance in dairy cattle following calving. Milk-ketosis test strip provides dairy producers a cost-effective ketosis-screening program to help determine when further investigation of the herd’s health is warranted, and to help identify subclinical ketosis before it becomes clinical ketosis. Milk-Ketosis can readily be incorporated as part of a routine fresh cow program or for herd screening. Likewise, monitoring for subclinical ketosis can aid nutritionists and veterinarians in evaluating the dairy’s transition cow program.

Subclinical ketosis is a metabolic condition associated with
  • Increased incidence of displaced abomasums
  • Lost milk production
  • Impaired reproductive performance
  • An increased risk for early culling

Result Interpretation

If the result is negative, you can see that the cow's condition is normal.
If the result is positive, additional testing is required.