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Self-Stik Ca
(Calcium test strip)

Semi quantitative calcium
analysis through color chart.

Takes 1 minute
to generate the data.

Requires no instruments & Providing
easy and accessible way of testing
(dip-and-read test strips)

What is calcium in urine?

Calcium is the most common mineral in the body and one of the most important.
Almost all of the calcium in the body is stored in bone. The rest is found in the blood.
When blood calcium levels get low (hypocalcemia), the bones release calcium to bring it back to a good blood level.
When blood calcium levels get high (hypercalcemia), the extra calcium is stored in the bones or passed out of the body in urine and stool.

Why Do I Need Calcium Test?

Calcium test helps track the following disorders:
1. Kidney stones or kidney disease
2. Parathyroid disease, in which glands in your neck are either too active or not active enough, causing unhealthy levels of calcium in your blood
3. Bone health problems such as osteoporosis

Checking for calcium is likely not part of the routine urine test you might have at your annual physical. You doctor will specifically order a calcium urine test if it appears your calcium levels are higher or lower than normal.

Result Interpretation