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Slim Diet Stix
(fat metabolism test strip)

The specific urine strip monitoring the progress of diet

It is a fast, simple and convenient way to determine if you are metabolizing fat.

To test for the presence of
the ketone via acetoacetic acid
in the urine.

A sensible addition to any reduced calorie diet & exercise weight loss program.

The easy to use in daily life
can prevent the yo-yo phenomenon.

Takes 1 minute
to generate the data.

Requires no instruments
& A dip-and-read test strips.


If you are a normally healthy individual, then shortly after you consume meals and snacks, your body breaks down the food you have consumed to meet its energy needs. This process is known as metabolism. When your body does not have any readily available energy sources, such as carbohydrates, it gets energy from other sources, primarily stored fat. This is often referred to as “metabolizing fat” or “fat burning”. When your body metabolizes fat for energy, it produces compounds ketone bodies called acetoacetic acid. Certain organs in your body use this acetoacetic acid for energy needs. When your body is producing acetoacetic acid, they are also present in your urine, and indicate that you are indeed metabolizing fat.

Result Interpretation

Nega.(Effort): No fat metabolism
Good : Desirable status of metabolizing fat
Best: Optimal status of metabolizing fat
Too Much: Stop and change the existing program