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Chungdo Pharmaceuticals - A Leading Global Medical Device Manufacturer

Chungdo Pharmaceuticals - A Leading Global Medical Device Manufacturer

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이름 Akila 작성일19-02-05 13:41 조회3,950회 댓글0건
작성자명 Akila
E-mail akila.s@beroe-inc.com
전화번호 080 4668 1800
회사명 Beroe India
제목 Business Query: Devices for Monitoring of Albumin and Creatinine


Dear Sir/Madam,

Hope you are doing fine!

I am S.Akila, a research analyst with Beroe, Inc. Beroe (www.beroe-inc.com ) is the global leader and the preferred partner for procurement intelligence for Fortune 500 clients.

We have recently been engaged by one of our Medical Device client, who is looking for Portable Devices for Monitoring of Albumin and Creatinine in Urine/Blood.

May I request you to share your responses below (or forward it to the concerned person).

1) Portable Device to measure albumin/creatinine level in Urine or Creatinine level in Blood – Yes/No
2) Urine albumin and creatinine ratio – Yes/No
3) Measurement Range
4) Purpose of the Device -  Portable device for Professional Care or Home use by Patients
5) Product Regulatory Certifications - FDA /CE approval
6) Sample Type and Volume - Urine, Whole Blood/ Plasma
7) Connectivity features - WiFi, Bluetooth, NFC
8) Accuracy and Precision of the device
9) Geographic Capabilities - Markets that the device has been approved in and those which they can supply
10) Supplier Strategy - Hospital/ Lab/ Consumer supplier
11) Disease Areas of focus
12) Cost Of Device
13) Person Of Contact Details – Name/Email/Phone
14) Company Website

We kindly look forward for your response by 05 February 2019, to update the required info to our client.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any queries and I will reply at the earliest.

Thanks and Regards

Analyst- Category specialist
Beroe Inc.

ASV Chandilya Towers, OMR, Chennai – 600 097

Email: akila.s@beroe-inc.com |Website: www.beroeinc.com

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