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Chungdo Pharmaceuticals - A Leading Global Medical Device Manufacturer

Chungdo Pharmaceuticals - A Leading Global Medical Device Manufacturer

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Dear Mr.Solo,on Hailu / FARES Parmaceuticals PLC

With great pleasure to have your message inquiring a possibility of business
opening in your country, through eminent company who has experiences and
reputation from customers.

We, have attached our price list in separate email directed to your email address
as it was written on top of this message, for your review, all about our product line.

Upon more specific requests or demands from you, we would get back to you,
once again, with pleasure.

Thank you.

Best regards.

*** P.S. : Price List of Self-Stik for 2019(2 pages)

 > Dear Sir/Madam
> I would like to introduce our company, FARES Pharmaceuticals PLC (Addis Ababa , Ethiopia) that has been in business of pharmaceuticals, medical equipment and supplies, training, educational and research equipment and machineries for the past 13 years.
> We have been an established and popular company with an excellent track record for the best customer satisfaction. We have never compromised on the quality and the services provided to the customer. We believe in keeping the customers happy and providing them with products at a very competent price. We have an excellent staff who will guide us with their best ideas by keeping in constant research and informing about the market trends.
> We have two stores in the capital and Amhara region. Also 2 showrooms in three important regions, Addis Ababa and Amhara Regions.
> We have experience in completing different types of tender projects in Ethiopia. All tenders we have awarded are accomplished with a great satisfaction among our customers. The positive feedback is something that we can be proud of.
> We believe that our dedication and professionalism can well compliment your company products and services in further promotion, better market penetration and improve total customer satisfaction.
> Once again I on behalf of FARES Pharmaceuticals P.L.C., are glad and happy to inform you that we are interested in your products and asking you to be your partner to involve in the pharmaceutical business in Ethiopia.
> Thank you very much, and we hope to receive your favorable response soon.
> Best regards,