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The 32nd Hospital Expo 2019

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The 32nd Hospital Expo 2019


"International Hospital, Medical, Pharmaceutical, Clinical Laboratories Equipment Exhibition"

The Indonesia Hospital Expo is an International Hospital, Medical, Pharmaceutical, Clinical, Laboratories Equipment and Medicine Exhibition. The event will provide the best opportunity for medical equipment players to introduce their products and innovations besides exchange of experiences and ideas leading to widened and profit oriented investment.





2019.10.23 2019.10.26

Jakarta Convention Center, Jakarta, Indonesia

800 Exhibitors / 40,000 Visitors



Items to be exhibited:


Emergency Vehicles Manufactures,

Analysis Control&Diagnostic Equipment,

Accident&Emergency Equipment,

Dental Equipment,

Hospital Sterilization,

Hospital Management Products,

Healthcare Services,

Kitchen&Laundry Management,

Medical Equipment&Devices,


Waste Treatment&Disposal, and more.



[Self-Stik Series]


Self-Stik(VET) 1~11: In vitro diagnostic aid using urine specimens testing of 11 parameters. (Urobilinogen, glucose, ketones, bilirubin, protein, nitrite, pH, occult blood, specific gravity, leukocytes and ascorbic acid)


Self-Stik 2MC: the qualitative and semi-quantitative determination of Microalbumin, and Creatinine in urine.


Self-Stik FR: a simple urine test that detects MDA (malondialdehyde) levels, which is a by-product during lipid peroxidation due to stress and /or insufficient level of antioxidants.


Self-Stik Ca: Semi quantitative calcium analysis through color chart.


Slim Diet Stix: To test for the presence of the ketone via acetoacetic acid in the urine.



[Urine analyzer]